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  • Customer from South Korea for further coperation

    Publication time:2019-01-23 14:25:26    Author:admin

    On 18th January, 2019, customer from South Korea came to our factory as requirements for customization function, specially used in Fountain industry filed.

    Output current test: Thru a generator excitation to test the maximum output current.CV900G-001G-14TF1 1.5kw 3 phase 380V inverter, the rated current is 3.7A, 150% for 1 min, 180% for 5s comparing with Delta and LS the same power capacity, the current is similar with themPower-frequency voltage-withstand and variable frequency withstand voltage testThe 3.7kw motor is connected to the 1.5kw inverter, runs to the rated current, the motor is disconnected from the inverter, and connected to the power frequency.Then immediately disconnected from the power frequency to connect the inverter.

    In the testing, we are satisfied with the overall performance of our products. Due to the particularity of the application industry, we hope that we can improve some problems. Through the experimental test comparison, our inverter is more cost-effective.

    Through field experiments, CV900G high performance vector control inverter technical issues were discussed and in order to better meet the improvement opinions of their application industry. We had further customized operation intention, and hoped to achieve complementary win-win and common development in the cooperation project!

    With strong technical strength, advanced inverter technology, excellent product quality and perfect service system, Canroon has become a manufacturer that is highly praised and trusted by customers in similar industries. We will continue to innovate, provide customers with better and more cost-effective products to create profits, and further achieve win-win development!