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  • Canroon People Zengcheng Conghua Two-Day Tour

    Publication time:2019-01-17 10:45:28    Author:admin

    To relieve work stress, encourage people to work more actively, and promote relationships among colleagues, On January 13-14, 2019, A two-day tour was held of Zengcheng at the end of the year, which was arranged by administrative and was fully engaged. Everyone took a journey in the laughter and laughter. After the tour guide explained the two-day itinerary and the characteristics of the various attractions, in order to be active, many colleagues showed their singing talent and added a lot of fun to the journey.Liuxisha Forest Park

    Dengtiannan first ladder to watch the waterfall 

    The event is a two-day leisure tour. Canroon specially arranged for the employees to stay in a comfortable, world-famous hot spring hotel,and organized a series of leisure and holiday activities, bravely "the first step of Tiannan" Baishuizhai to watch the waterfall Enjoy the world of succulent flowers, multi-functional healing spas, and visit the subtropical wetlands National Forest Park.

    Successfully challenged the first day of the Tiannan step 9999 staff style

    Classic POSS

    Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, returning to nature, enjoying the spectacular scenery of this waterfall

    In the evening, led by General Manager Yuan and Ms Yang, people gathered in an elegant farm restaurant to have a dinner. During the period, Mr. Yuan encouraged people to work hard in 2019. I believe that under the joint efforts of all of you, Canroon will have a better tomorrow.

    After dinner, we stayed at the Huajing Hot Spring Town, which is known as the world's rare hot springs.
    After visiting the Subtropical Wetland National Forest Park on the 14th, We went to the Monkey Island to watch the monkeys. After that and the lunch, we returned to Shenzhen with a relaxed mood.

    This leisure and holiday activity enhanced exchanges between colleagues and improved team cohesion. It also further embodies the culture of “co-creation and sharing”. Let us devote ourselves to the future work with higher enthusiasm, make the team more cohesive and centripetal, and contribute to the sustainable development of the company.